Meeting Agenda Tents

  • $650.00

A Planning Section Chief really understands the importance of having the meeting rooms properly set-up to effectively run a meeting.  These re-useable laminated meeting tent signs are a great addition to your incident or event. Each position member is able to write their name with a dry erase marker and can flip the tent card to the applicable planning cycle meeting to identify the agenda items. Great way for the meeting members to know what is coming up on the agenda and to be prepared for their points of discussion.

A full set of 28 meeting tent signs includes ICS positions for:

Command Staff
Incident Commander, Deputy Incident Commander, Federal On-Scene Commander, Federal Monitoring Officer, State On-Scene Commander, Provincial On-Scene Coordinator, Local On-Scene Coordinator, Tribal On-Scene Coordinator, First Nations, Safety Officer, Public Information Officer, Liaison Officer, Legal Officer, Intelligence Officer, Security Officer, ICS Specialist

Operations Section Chief, Source Control

Planning Section Chief, Resource Unit Leader, Situation Unit Leader, Environmental Unit Leader, Documentation Unit Leader, Technical Specialist, Historian

Logistics Section Chief, Communications Unit Leader

Finance Section Chief

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